"We don't need these young people to come and tell us what to do": an Extinction Rebellion squat divides a village in Seine-et-Marne

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A dozen activists illegally occupy the former Saint-Mammès charter exchange, which is part of the heritage of this town focused on shipping.They risk expulsion, but part of the population supports them.

From a distance, the elegant building might seem abandoned, with its windows open to the wind and the weeds in the garden.In reality, the many rooms are busy.There, Hélène, in overalls, paints the windows and plaster the walls; Here, Dongui, equipped with a harness and a headlamp, dust off the attic.Outside, Arthur makes a stove with a grinder, while Damien dries sheets of recycled paper to make posters.lunchtime, everyone discusses the “ecological and social struggle” around a meal prepared in the community.

For two months, a dozen young activists, mostly members of the ecological movement Extinction Rebellion, have taken over this disused public building, a former charter exchange dating from the 18th century, located in the town of Saint-Mammès (Seine-et -Marne) .An illegal squat that does not taste a part of the population, attached to this heritage.

Since the arrival of the activists, the peaceful village of 3,500 inhabitants has been divided between opponents and supporters of the presence of the collective, known for its punching actions.A summary trial opposing members of Extinction Rebellion to the State, owner of the building, will take place Friday, November 27 before the judicial court of Fontainebleau.Young activists risk expulsion.

Posted Date: 2020-11-27

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