An aperitif with Cédric Herrou: "Helping others feels good, it gives dignity"

“Yeah, the mob, they have aperitifs! "Beer in hand, Cédric Herrou defends his taste of a certain intoxication, a form of" letting go ".For the farmer of the Roya valley (Alpes-Maritimes), who became famous after having taken and cause for migrants who cross the Franco-Italian border in search of asylum, the aperitif is also part of the culture of the left: “It's a moment when we discuss, we exchange, it's important."

In the book he wrote, Change your world, published in October by Liens qui libéré, beers are invited several times throughout the story.After the custody trials - he has known about ten since 2016 - , they help relieve the pressure.

So here he is who lends himself to the game with us, without being asked, even if it was necessary to contort to respect the principle of the section in full confinement.Cedric Herrou is passing through Paris to promote his book, but bars and restaurants are closed.He himself lives with his partner's grandmother, who is therefore necessarily vulnerable, so there is no question of taking risks.

"Azurean of the year"

To avoid the cold atmosphere of a publishing house office, it is with the author of these lines that the session is organized at a moment's notice.An unprecedented setting, but which ultimately sticks well to the character, to her style without embarrassment.He arrives after a TV set and before a sauerkraut at grandmother's, in her usual outfit - jeans, trucker sweater.The rest follows, just like at home, or almost.Simplicity is a standard for those who willingly presents himself as a “bac minus four without a money.” Cédric Herrou grew up in the popular Nice district of Ariane, multiplied from the age of 16 the odd jobs, as a mechanic, seasonal in agriculture or boating, lived like a party animal, punk but not really militant, rather anguished by the crowd, and sometimes even a little lost.

Posted Date: 2020-12-28

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